Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Rentals

Al Morjan Group owns companies which deal with all means of private & commercial transportation providig the best automotive services across the UAE.


Chauffeur Driven Services

Meet & Greet!
We offer a five star service to our clients using our highly professional staff so that you don’t have to worry about anything at all.


Cars & Buses Rental

Why going to multiple places to fulfil your needs of different category fleet when you can get it all under one roof.
Here @ AL Morjan we have Bus Division who takes very good care of our commercial fleet clients in all aspects they are looking for !


Staff Transport Services

Well there is always need of Staff to be transported from & to their accommodation so we offer a professional staff transport service using our new fleet and professional scheduled drivers who never get you or your staff late from duties.


Short & Long Terms Leasing

When it comes to leasing you must have a thousand option but the most important thing is not only price but also transparency in terms & conditions.
O’ yes we have all terms as transparent as they were never before !


School Bus Services

A very sensitive decision to choose a service for your kids a thousand questions come into your mind.
How to choose?
Who to choose?
Will they take good care of your kids? Have they any experience in this or not? And the list goes on…!!
Here @ Al Morjan we have professional staff who have been working in school transportation since years and they have worked hard to get to level of excellency in taking very good care of children.


Commercial Vehicles Leasing

when it comes to commercial leasing we understand that there is a long check list of quality & service that is required to make a decision, well you DO NOT have to worry because we have it all covered by offering you brand new fleet at very competitive rates so that you can enjoy un interrupted fleet performance while delivering your commitments.